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Baby Tragetuch Tricot Slen schwarzes Stofftuch

Marke: Tricot-Slen

18.03.2024 von 1berlincitygirl

Baby Tragetuch Tricot Slen schwarzes Stofftuch

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The Tricot-Slen Organic was the very first ergonomically sound baby carrier ever! A delightfully soft baby wrap made of 100% organic cotton and which is GOTS certified. Very cosy and warm during winter but also ideal during spring and autumn for babies up to a year or even older.


Super cosy, always fits!

The Tricot-Slen is a knitted baby wrap and is produced in the Netherlands. The Tricot-Slen comes in two versions; the Tricot-Slen Organic made of 100% organic cotton and the Tricot-Slen Cool made from Newlife™ threads (recycled plastic bottles).


The Tricot-Slen can be used immediately after birth and enables you to carry your baby in various positions, both in the cradle hold and in the upright position. The way of putting on the baby wrap is always the same, so you only need to remember one way of tying.


A very important criterion is the fabric’s „stretch”.


The less the fabric stretches lengthwise the better! Fabric that stretches in width is very comfortable, but if the fabric also stretches lengthwise it will cause the baby to hang too low.

If the fabric is made from Spandex it will also cause the baby to bounce up and down. This is not only very annoying for the baby but also for the wearer because this way the weight feels much heavier.

A baby wrap which stretches in all directions must be put on extremely tight in order to avoid your baby from sitting too low. This might make the baby feel constricted.

The Tricot-Slen is a baby wrap with light stretch which makes it very comfortable and easy to use.

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